Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens, often referred to as illegal immigrants, have come to live among us because things are better here than in Mexico. They wanted this badly enough to make a somewhat dangerous trek, being smuggled across the border, into conditions that must have been pretty foreign to them.

So they have demonstrated that they want to be here. I can respect that. I like it here, too.

However, they have broken the law, simply in the act of coming here. If we forgive them that crime, their performance in the demonstrations on May 1 has been less than stellar for people who I might want for neighbors. Sometimes they bring crime here, but to be fair, any population of any size is going to have a percentage who are actual career criminals.

It is not practical to try to round up and deport all of the illegals; there are simply too many of them – to the extent that we would probably have armed revolution if we tried it. Practically speaking, then, the only reasonable solution is to provide a reasonable path for these people to become citizens of the U.S.

Therefore, I am not totally against amnesty, but there are certain requirements that will have to be met to satisfy me on this subject. First, a registration to get an I.D. card showing a probationary status; second, a waiting period of 8 or 10 years while maintaining a clean police record. Third, a reasonable fine for breaking the law in the first place by coming over the fence. Fourth, tax records showing payment of all taxes during the probationary period, prior to issuing full citizenship. Fifth – voting privileges don’t kick in until they have reached full citizenship. I think these are reasonable requirements.

If up to me, I would defer the waiting period on a two for one basis; if you’ve already been here for two years and have a clean record, that counts as one year of probation – and you pay your back taxes and demonstrate a clean police record.

Illegals who fail to register to enter this system should be deported upon detection, no trial or administrative proceeding at all, and no delay. I would allow a reasonable way to take care of the inevitable “my card is in my other pants” scenario; but if they can’t produce the card, out they go. The assumption is that if they are still illegal after we make this generous offer, they are up to no good.

I still don’t like it, because it rewards people who are taking advantage of us and who by definition have already broken our laws. But I don’t see any reasonable alternative that won’t result in great civil strife and bloodshed.

Amnesty or not, we MUST close our borders; we must control who comes and goes.


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