It Crossed My Mind…

I have an evil mind, sometimes. I’ve been thinking about the explosion and oil leak in the gulf. I see now that the administration is, of course, going to investigate, considering every possible cause, including sabotage.

So, it crossed my mind to ask – who will gain by this, if it turns out to be sabotage?

And the short answer is – environmentalists.

Environmentalists have their well-established share of activists and fanatics, who have blown up things and burned houses down. Environmentalists hate oil companies and drilling. Environmentalists want the U.S. to move to alternate energy sources even if it brings economic ruin to the nation. And with the present administration, who also wants these things, what better way to bring it about then for there to be an “accident”?

Notice that I am not making any accusations. There are no facts available at present to make any such judgement. This is just something that passed through my suspicious little mind. But let’s see what the investigation turns up. Perhaps it was purely an accident.

Bear in mind that this administration, with it’s oil-hating ways, may have a tendency to find some other cause, if it was indeed environmentalist sabotage. The investigation should be done by an independent party that has no ties to the government and no ties to big oil. Otherwise, the results will be questionable.


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