Warning: Long Post. I have issues with certain things in the U.S., some of which I am going to list here. It’s a long list. A lot of these are specific to this administration, but some of them go back decades. I’m not going into a lot of detail, and I will probably miss some things:

  • The belief by certain groups that they know better than I do what is good for me. MANY laws passed by the current administration are based on this concept.
  • Illegal aliens. Even the ones who mean no harm sap our resources without paying for them fully. Nothing personal in this, I have NO problem with them if they go through the legal process to become a citizen.
  • The federal government’s complete and abject failure to protect our borders. I applaud Arizona for passing their law, and I hope that Texas soon follows suit. I think it’d be great if all the illegal aliens move to San Francisco.
  • The back-room deals, bribes, unusual administrative procedures, and pressure used within Congress to get bills passed against the clear will of the American people. Specifically ObamaCare, but others, too.
  • The fact that congressmen and senators vote for or against bills for reasons other than the actual merit of the bill.
  • Corruption in our government is way too common, and because the congress is self-policing, they get away with it. Charlie Rangel comes to mind as one example of many.
  • Political Correctness has run amuk; as an example, the victims of Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, are victims of political correctness; my opinion is that his superiors had identified Hasan as a problem, but did not act – because he was Muslim, and they didn’t want to be seen as picking on Muslims. I’m sure the victims appreciate their restraint.
  • Political Correctness part 2 – the idea that you can’t identify terrorism with Muslims. In spite of the fact that every single international terrorist since 9/11 has been Muslim. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck – it’s probably a duck.
  • Political Correctness part 3 – the idea that profiling = racism. Profiling, used correctly, is a valuable tool. When almost all terrorists are Muslim, it makes perfect sense to be extra-cautious with Muslims. If 98% of illegal aliens are Hispanic, it makes perfect sense to check the citizenship status of a Hispanic – that you’ve already stopped for a crime. I see nothing wrong with that.
  • Current foreign policy: The U.S. is the strongest and most moral country in the world: financially, militarily, in terms of resources, the general education of the population, and by the amount of freedom afforded its citizens. I don’t like Obama’s apologetic, bowing stance even a little bit. And I don’t like how he’s mistreated and been rude to our allies.
  • Massive federal deficit, period.
  • Obama’s incredible acceleration of the massive federal deficit, which has major implications down the road.
  • The fact that Obama makes noises about controlling the deficit, but the ONLY solution he will consider is increased taxation; he will NOT consider reducing the size of the federal government in a meaningful way.
  • The fact that Obama has broken so many of the promises he made to get elected, and plans to break more. The man is officially a liar. This is not merely my opinion; there is a LOT of objective proof.
  • The fact that Social Security, paid for by dollars that I put in, is going to be underfunded by the time I need it. I paid that money in, and I want my money back. This is not a welfare state thing: I want what I paid for over my working life. Those b******s in Washington took our money for other purposes and put I.O.U.’s in it’s place – illegally, as far as I am concerned.
  • Gun free zones that are not enforced by airport type security. There should be NO gun free zones that you don’t have to go through airport type security to get in to. Gun free zones declared only by a sign are simply areas where the bad guys know that nobody will be shooting back at them. I believe that anybody that is not a felon, that is old enough to be responsible, that has taken a safety / legal class about firearms – should be able to carry openly or concealed, anywhere. Nationwide.
  • We have the oil and gas resources to eliminate the need to buy these things from overseas. We should be using these resources to operate on (and save all that money which is now going overseas; and employ a HUGE number of people) while we plan and execute an economically survivable plan to transition to other energy sources at a controlled pace. Obama’s Cap and Trade bill will destroy this country financially and put millions of people out of work, because it is intended to make conventional energy so expensive as to make alternatives attractive. This tactic represents a huge financial burden on this country that is simply not necessary, and it may be enough to break us.
  • Racism: I am about fed up with racism being used as a tool by politicians. Or individuals, for that matter. The correct way to eliminate racism is to quit making it an issue except in real cases where someone should be prosecuted. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others make a living by keeping racism alive, and there is probably a special place in Hell for them. And for them, anything can be construed as racism. Racism is like a sore on your face – picking at it makes it worse. These guys pick at it, for personal profit. We need to quit picking at it so it can heal.
  • The Lamestream Media: I am tired of being lied to by “news” media. Frequently. Directly, and by the omission of facts. The only news station I trust is Fox News – and I don’t trust them 100%. They do seem to lie by omission less than any other news organization.
  • I am really tired of political extremists crucifying nice people like Sarah Palin, or the Tea Party, or anybody else. If you want to disagree with someone’s politics, fine. That is no reason to vilify them and/or their families. The extreme left is really bad about this, but the right is not immune from it. It IS possible to have a political dialog without being nasty about it.
  • Global Warming Alarmists: I’d be more prone to listen to Al Gore if he didn’t stand to get rich off of global warming legislation. Especially in light of the fact that the science involved is in serious question; the proposed Cap & Trade bill will be EXTREMELY expensive; and the proposed Cap & Trade bill will have very little real positive impact on the problem it is purported to solve.
  • Obama’s rush towards socialism. I am emphatically not a socialist. And I don’t want the U.S. to become a welfare state.
  • Abortion. Abortion is baby murder – in most cases done for the convenience of the mother. I have no respect for anyone who would murder a baby for their own convenience. The fact that such a large percentage of the population see nothing wrong with this disturbs me deeply.
  • Obama’s policies promoting his social agenda; that consistently hurt the economy and are bad for business. Obama is personally responsible for a large chunk of the unemployment in the U.S. due to his disdain for business and the market based economy. It’s like he WANTS us to all be on welfare – and we will be, if he keeps it up.

These are some of the things that really deserve watching in the United States today, as I see it. Some of these are societal issues; but a large percentage of these can be corrected or relieved to some extent by voting against Democrats in November.

And of course, all of this is strictly my opinion. Your mileage may vary.


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