Obama Pretends

This is the part where Obama pretends to be reluctantly considering a VAT type national sales tax, because of course our current financial situation demands it.

The fact that our current financial situation is what it is largely because of Obama’s spending policies doesn’t enter into it. Of course, changing those policies would never be considered, either. Cutting spending is too simple a concept for Obama.

Obama’s promise was not to increase taxes on any person making less than $250,000 per year. He broke that promise within days of his inauguration with SCHIP. He broke it again with ObamaCare. He is trying to break it a third time with Cap & Trade, which will hit us hard with indirect taxes. And he’s preparing to break it yet again with a VAT tax.

Obama is a liar, pure and simple. He does not give any concern to minor things, like, for instance, keeping his word.

Quite aside from the fact that I don’t personally need any more taxes. I don’t need any more “government help”, thank you.


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