Liberal Logic

Zomblog says it very well, with detailed documentation: kudos to Zombietime for putting this together, I can see it took a lot of work.

This is the quality of the left wing / Democrats / Liberals / Progressives (DLP); that they do not see anything wrong or inconsistent with the fact that, for years, they demonized President Bush; yet, they get all wee-wee’d up at the slightest hint of criticism of President Obama.

I find this fact fascinating. It shows the moral and emotional level of these people, that they seem to be incapable of fairness or even-handedness. Oh, and where is their fabled ‘tolerance’ now? Or, for that matter, their respect for the First Amendment?

These two-faced DLP; who demand First Amendment protection for their own protests, but will not extend that protection to others; who demand ‘tolerance’ for themselves, but do not extend it to others; who say they don’t want racism, but who are invariably the first to play the race card.

The DLP do not have my respect. Their record in these areas is disgusting.


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