Why Does the Left Fear the Tea Party?

The Progressive / Liberal / Democrats (PLD) have succeeded in super-sensitizing the political dialog about the possibility of the Tea Party being a promoter of violence, even though this is patently untrue. There’s a serious double-standard here, as well – these same people had no such problem when the PLD were saying monstrous (and, usually, untrue) things about President Bush.

The fact is, for all their searching, the PLD hasn’t been able to find a single verifiable example of any Tea Party member doing any such hateful thing. Considering the Tea Party now constitutes 20% plus of the population, that is really amazing. The Tea Party may be the most well-behaved political group in history. Which is by no means true of the PLD, themselves. And these facts must be a major embarrassment for them.

In fact, since the PLD couldn’t find any Tea Party members acting badly, they decided to manufacture some. That failed, miserably. And this is the moral level of the PLD, that they would try something so despicable.

There are eerie similarities between how the PLD react to the Tea Party, and how they react to Sarah Palin. Maybe it is because both are pointing to the elephant in the room – the PLD’s attempt to hijack this country. The PLD would rather distract the public by trying to link the Tea Party to white supremacists and other hate groups.

The fact is, the PLD fear the Tea Party, for three reasons: because it will be a major factor in future elections, and because those votes will never be theirs. And finally, because this is a group that does not usually protest!

If you actually go to a Tea Party meeting and look around, you will see that these people do not look like the kind of people we’ve been seeing at protests for years, nor do they conduct themselves as such. These protesters are the people who PAY the taxes!

The PLD don’t know how to handle that. It’s a new thing. The people who produce, the people who work and pay taxes, the source of the wealth of our country are flexing their political muscles.

I don’t think the PLD realized what resistance they would meet. After all, we’ve been pretty apathetic, politically, for many years; but Obama’s policies have been so extreme that he now has our attention.

Vote in November to kick the PLD out!


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