Tea Party in Longview, Texas

I went to the Tea Party in Longview, Texas today. This is the first political event I have ever been to except to vote. The event was organized by We The People of Longview, Texas.

I would like to point out that this was not a riot. There were no ‘haters’ – no displays of racism – no hint of violence of any sort. It was (my estimate) 700 to 800 people listening to speakers about the things that concern the Tea Party; the people were neat, clean, and well behaved. I would say the majority were people like myself – middle aged and older, mostly, with a sprinkle of younger people. I saw few black folks, but there were some, and they were right up front.

The event opened with a prayer and some Christian / patriotic songs, and the Pledge of Allegiance. I saw no sign of anyone getting offended. Around here, we show tolerance for the beliefs of others. If there were any Muslims or Jews in the audience, they didn’t raise a fuss, thereby showing tolerance; and we were O.K. with them not sharing our prayers, if they chose not to. That is tolerance, a concept with which the Progressive / Liberal bunch spout about a lot, but don’t really understand.


The subjects were, as you would expect, concern about the Progressive agendas:

  • Socialism.
  • ObamaCare, passed against the wishes of the electorate.
  • Obama’s massive spending increases.
  • The massive growth of the federal government.
  • The “culture of corruption” now prevalent in Washington.
  • Our support for the Constitution; mentioning specifically the 2nd and 10th amendments.
  • Progressive goals including the political and social indoctrination of people born after 1977; those who will be the largest voting block in 2016.

And more.

All done extremely politely. It was almost like a picnic.

Well done. Obviously, the notion that the Tea Party people promote violence and hatred is just another Liberal / Progressive lie; as has become obvious in the aftermath of the ObamaCare Tea Party rally in Washington.


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