Clear Thinking on Our Nuclear Posture

Charles Krauthammer has the clearest statement I’ve yet seen on exactly why Obama’s new nuclear weapon policy is so hair-brained. On this subject, I am in complete agreement with Krauthammer and also with Sarah Palin.

Take this back to a personal level. If you were in a room with perhaps 100 other people, and some of them, including you, have a pistol; and maybe quite a few of them don’t like you; you are immeasurably safer if you make sure it is known that anybody threatening you or your family could come under fire. The point is not to shoot people – it is to make people believe that you might shoot them, if sufficiently threatened.

What Obama is doing is the equivalent, in that situation, of saying, “Well, I won’t use my gun if you only stick me with a knife. If you’ll agree not to use your gun, then I won’t use mine. I’ll only use my sanitized pocketknife if you stab me. And I’ll throw away half of my ammunition, too, so you’ll feel safer.”

Idiot. Once you’ve been stabbed, pulling out your pocketknife is a bit inadequate.

The purpose of having a good pistol in the first place is so that your enemies can see the potential consequences of their potential actions. As a nuclear doctrine, this has been effective since World War II, and Obama is throwing it out. Obama seems to be in a fantasy world playing kumbaya with rainbows and unicorns – and our enemies.

Obama is single-handedly putting this country in grave danger, and from enemies much more powerful than Muslim terrorists.

Enemies he’s been buddying up to for the last year, while simultaneously insulting every one of our allies.

What is it with Obama? What is he actually trying to achieve?

It sure isn’t security for the people of the United States.


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