On Violence

There has been a lot of hoopla the last few days, as the Democrats have tried to paint the Tea Party group as a bunch of racist, hate mongering, violence promoting, homophobes.

It hasn’t worked.

Because, in general, the Tea Party crowd are mostly responsible people, who mostly have jobs, and who are educated enough to both understand and have an interest in what Washington is up to. The ones you see on TV are those who care enough about this country to pay their own way to get to the protests, often taking off work and traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to do so. These are the people that pay the bills with their taxes! By that, I mean that these are responsible adults who understand what is acceptable behavior. This is not the profile of a hate group.

This is so transparently obvious, that the Democratic left wing attempt to smear them is actually ludicrous.

Of course there are always the egg-throwers. Oh, wait, that was a Harry Reid supporter! < VIOLENCE >

Or how about that black gentlemen that got beat up by thugs at a demonstration? Oh wait, those thugs were SEIU members! (And why haven’t we heard anything about legal action on that one?) < RACISM – VIOLENCE >

Or how about those guys standing around the polling place dressed in military style with clubs, frightening voters? Oh, wait, that was Obama’s Black Panther fans! < RACISM – POTENTIAL VIOLENCE >

Or, how about that William Ayers guy that Obama used to hang around with? In whose living room Obama started his political career? He went around blowing up police stations, and later on became one of Obama’s best buddies. < VIOLENCE >

Or how about that “christian militia” group that was plotting to kill cops? Surely they were Tea Party members? Not so far as is known at this time. And even if so, it wasn’t sponsored or condoned by the Tea Party. But I heard news commentators ‘speculating’ about a link. That is how propaganda is spread, my friend.

How about Sarah Palin using ‘reload’ in a sentence, and using target symbols on her map? That this should indicate an intent to promote violence is a big stretch! An even bigger stretch would be somebody seeing that symbol on a map and deciding to go out and shoot somebody because of it. If you believe that, you had probably better take all the video games away from your kids, quick! < ADDENDUM – SEE THIS FOR EXAMPLES OF DEMOCRATS DOING THE SAME THING. Thx to Are We Lumberjacks. >

Have there actually been ANY Tea Party Members that have actually promoted violence, or racism?

Nope. Not a single one, that I’ve been able to find.

Don’t believe what the Democrats and left wing ideologues are putting on the news. They are, very obviously, trying to manipulate you. Seek the truth of the matter, and don’t become their tool.

Don’t become MY tool, either. Look at the facts, and make up your own mind. Think.


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3 Responses to On Violence

  1. Montana says:

    I love that they asked for “Public Defender”, they know now that there was an undercover FBI agent. The simpleton Tea baggers keep missing the point. These are the same whiners that were crying when the McCain/Bailin ticket lost. Now that their yelling (because they are haters not debaters) did not stop health care from passing, they are crying again. They think they can scare, intimidate and force others to go along with them by comments like “This time we came unarmed”, let me tell you something they are not the only ones who have guns and not all ex-military join the fringe militia crazies who don’t pay taxes and run around in the parks playing commando, the majority understand that the world is more complicated and grey then the black and white that these simpleton make it out to be and that my friend is the point. So it’s only fitting that their leaders are Sarah Bailin, Victoria Jackson, Michele Bachmann and their turn coat Glenn. So if you are bothered that there are some misconceptions of your group, well then I think you need to be more careful who you invite to give you speeches.

    • popgun says:

      Hi, Montana;

      Thanks for stopping by. Normally I don’t allow comments from people that use words like ‘simpleton’ and ‘whiners’ to name a couple, because these usually denote someone not prepared to apply reason to an argument. But I decided to make an exception in your case.

      You will notice that you are the only one in this discussion so far that has brought up guns, and you are the only one making threats – such as “they are not the only ones who have guns”. And I should probably also mention that referring to them as ‘tea baggers’ is a sexual slur. You are the one who lowered yourself to that level, not me.

      Reread my post, and reread your comment, and see which one of us you think is being adult, calm, and rational.

      Now, I am not an actual member of the Tea Party, but I do sympathize with them, and I have actually done some research on the subject. There are a few critical things that has resulted in the advent of the Tea Party that you might want to become aware of.

      First, they are aware of the massive debt that the Democrats have brought on us. Yes, Bush started it, but Obama has really stepped on the accelerator.

      Second, they are aware that Obama is trying to bring about a shift to a socialist type of government. They object to that on ideological grounds, and so do I. There is a lot of thinking that goes into this – you should read up on it. It is ultimately based on the idea that it is not nice to steal from someone in order to give to somebody else, even if it makes you feel good.

      Third, this administration and congress has passed this health care bill against the wishes of their own constituents. That is NOT how our ‘representative’ government is supposed to work, and a great many people take exception to it.

      I doubt my writing this will convince you of anything, but I do recommend you actually study and think instead of spewing hatred as you have done in your comment. Bring facts to the table next time, and leave the invective at home.

      Have a nice day!

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