Wow, Sarah Palin used the word ‘reload’ in a sentence, and half the left wing liberals wet their pants. It is amazing to me how easily she can push their buttons. It’s like they just can’t help themselves…

The Democrats have, in the last few days, tried to paint the GOP, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and other conservatives, as promoting violence and unrest. The reaction to the ‘reload’ comment is an example of this.

The way this has proceeded makes me believe that this is a concerted effort of the Democrats, and some of it actually appears to be fabricated. Notice the ’spit’ that wasn’t and the shouted racial epithets that NO recording device nor witness heard or saw. The Tea Party crowds were very well behaved – so the Democrats had to manufacture incidents. Obviously. But cameras don’t lie, especially when you have multiple, independent cameras at an event and they all agree. Addendum: Breitbart makes this case more clearly than I do, and even put up a reward for proof!

Also, note the death threats the left wing nutcases are making to Sarah Palin. I’ll bet you didn’t see that in the main stream media. The Democrats need to clean up their own act before they get sanctimonious about ours.

The Democrats have shown themselves to be a bunch of underhanded, manipulative liars who will do any kind of shady deal to get their agenda passed, and who trample the Constitution by their questionable parliamentary methods (specifically, reconciliation in this context). Across the board, they do not respect the clear wishes of their own constituents. They do not deserve to be in power, and we should take all legal means to remove them, before they finish completely destroying our economy, as they are in the process of doing.

The Democratic response to our economy and unemployment problem? Hire 17,000 more TAX COLLECTORS.

At least, that’s the way it looks from where I’m sitting.


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