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Wow, Sarah Palin used the word ‘reload’ in a sentence, and half the left wing liberals wet their pants. It is amazing to me how easily she can push their buttons. It’s like they just can’t help themselves… The Democrats … Continue reading

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Equal Rites

“It is well known that stone can think, because the whole of electronics is based on that fact, but in some universes men spend ages looking for other intelligences in the sky without once looking under their feet. That is … Continue reading

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Comments, anyone?

Apparently, I’ve accidentally had comments turned off on my blog for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience – future posts will have it enabled. -Popgun

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Fax Machines

I was wondering a while ago why we still use fax machines. After all, email is so much more efficient. In my case, certain vendors simply don’t use email, so we have to use fax. This caused me to think … Continue reading

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Concealed Carry

Here is a great article by John Lott that demonstrates why you shouldn’t trust the statistics of the anti-gun crowd; and also demonstrates a clear correlation between increase in gun ownership / carry vs the decrease in the number of … Continue reading

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