It’s Snowing – In Texas – In March

Wow, it’s snowing again. Looking out my office window, it is sticking to the red-tipped photemia bushes, the birdbath and birdhouses, and other elevated surfaces. It hasn’t covered the grass yet, but that is a distinct possibility.

This makes me wonder if my tongue-in-cheek notion that we are leaving the glacial interstitial period at the end of the warming period may not have some truth to it. After all, such very-long-term trends have an awful lot of inertia behind them. Study the graph at the link – on the macroscopic scale, it is clear that temperatures are decreasing, not increasing.

Other anomalous current events: The House is voting on the health care take-over bill today. At this point it is not certain which way it will go, at least according to publicly available information.

This bill has some desirable features in it, of course. But the undesirable features cancel those out pretty firmly. The things that concern me the most:

This country cannot afford this bill. Elsewhere I’ve covered all the shady accounting the Democrats are using to justify this bill, which is amazingly blatant. The fact is the world economy is teetering on the brink of total collapse, the United States’ economy is shaky, and this is not the time to add another entitlement. Especially when the existing programs are going bankrupt in a big way. As a country, we can’t even pay for what we’ve got, much less anything new.

This bill will not help the many doctors and pharmacy chains are now refusing new Medicare patients. Why are they doing this? Because they lose money on each transaction. Now we’re adding 30 million more needy patients. There is simply no way that this will improve the quality of care – quite the opposite. Doctors are going to quit, wait times will grow, care will be more skimpy. Less new, advanced technology will be designed, built and purchased.

This bill still funds abortion. I strongly oppose any provision by which government uses my tax money to pay for baby-murder. Period, full stop. The other things I object to are practical matters – this one is a moral issue, and one that will damage this country. ADDENDUM 03/21/2010 at 3:15 PM: Congressman Stupak just held a news conference in which he described an agreement with Obama for a Presidential decree that will address his concerns about abortion. So it looks like the abortion issue is resolved. And because of his group’s switched votes, it now appears the bill will pass…

I do not like the fact that the Democrats are clearly ignoring the will of their constituents. It is a case of “I know what’s best for you and you’re just going to have to like it!” – but I don’t like it. Breathtaking arrogance of our “representatives”.

I don’t like the amount of bargaining and vote-selling I see going on. Yes, it goes on all the time; but these people should be voting what their constituents tell them to, not selling their votes for perceived profit.

In my opinion, this bill is one nail in the coffin of Free America. Little snippets of things Obama has said occasionally expose what he really thinks. And I worry about that, because I don’t think he wants the sort of country that I do.


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