On the Border

Mexico’s problems become ours, here in Texas. Michelle Malkin weighs in on how we’re handling it. The violence is only a few hundred miles from here, and the only thing stopping it from spreading north is a line on a map, due to our weak resolve to enforce our borders.

Mexico seems to be unable to control the drug cartels which are responsible for the violence. In effect, the mob has more firepower than their government. And now they are targeting our citizens.

Even though I live several hundred miles from there, I’m glad that I live in a state that allows me to own and carry guns. If it comes our way, at least we can shoot back. If New York City happened to be on the border with Mexico, how popular do you think Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun policy would be?

When somebody is shooting at you, you really do want to be able to shoot back. I suspect a great many of the anti-gun crowd would have an epiphany on this subject if they were ever put in that situation. You may not win, but at least you aren’t totally helpless – if you are armed.

On the political side of it: Our government is, at present, failing to protect our citizens. There is a big focus on terrorism, but our people are dying on the border down here in Texas, and this situation is steadily deteriorating. The federal government’s efforts to close the border and enforce it are, at best, sporadic and anemic.

As the article says, last year, President Obama vowed to make ending border violence a “top priority.” We see how that is working out.

This year, Obama vowed to make job creation a “top priority”. We see how that is working out.

Obama needs to ditch his far-reaching left-wing socialist agenda, which only the liberal minority wants; and he needs to get on the stick doing his actual JOB.


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