House of Representatives – NOT!

Regarding the Slaughter procedure, by which Pelosi proposes to pass the senate health care bill in the house, without a vote: I guess we’ll have to change the name of the House of Representatives to, say, the House of Queen Pelosi.

Since they aren’t interested in, you know, REPRESENTING the citizens of this country anymore….

Look, Nancy and Obama; I know you want this really, really bad – but it is time to grow up. You are embarrassing yourselves. You are acting like a four year old throwing a tantrum to get your way. You cannot get this bill passed without using methods of dubious legality and questionable morality. And contrary to the nonsense you’ve been spewing, we the citizens do indeed have an interest in how these things are done.

If you can’t win fair and square, then give it up.

There is more victory in losing gracefully and honorably than in winning by hook or by crook.


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