Health Care Vote

I have a few problems with this health care bill:

  • The cost of the bill. Regardless of what Obama says (because he is lying on this subject), this bill will not save the country any money, and it will not save you or me any money. Even barring other factors, you cannot give the uninsured free health care without incurring massive costs and causing a shortage of medical facilities and personnel.
  • This bill will result in less health care and lower quality health care for all.
  • There will in fact be rationed health care – call it ‘death panels’ for want of a better description. Because somebody, somewhere has to decide who gets care and who doesn’t. It happens now with insurance companies, and it will happen when the government is running it. And it is prejudiced against old people.
  • Every single honest poll shows that the American people do not want this bill to pass. The only people in the government listening to the people are the Republicans, and they are currently out-gunned.
  • The Democrats are using all kinds of shenanigans to pass this bill against our will. Back-room deals to buy votes; outright political threats to congressmen; questionable procedures; telling bald-faced lies about it; every single dirty trick they can think of. Gee, it sounds like Chicago politics…
  • The Democrats consistently obfuscate the reality of what they are passing. They tell you it is deficit neutral, but they are using some major dodges to fudge the numbers. Taxing for ten years to pay for six years of service, for one. Double-booking money from Medicare for another. They are already cooking the books – what will they do if it gets voted in?
  • Abortion: Pelosi does not want the Stupak language in the bill, because it would specifically not allow federal money to fund abortions. I am a Christian, and I do not want ANY portion of my tax money to pay for baby-murder. The fact that they are even considering this seriously raises my hackles.

So in short, the whole thing just stinks. This is the biggest travesty of governance I have seen in my 56 years, bar none – especially if it passes.

Social Security is broke, because our illustrious government took the money we put into it over our lives and used it elsewhere, leaving I.O.U.s in its place. This is the level of responsibility we can expect from our government.

Medicare is broke, as well. This administration plans to spend more than it makes, to the tune of $1,000,000,000,000 per year, every year for the next ten years. They know this, but it isn’t slowing them down even a little.

The Democrats want to pass this new entitlement program in the face of the fact that we cannot pay for the existing programs – a fact that in a few years is going to be horribly obvious to me and my wife, personally. Because I always thought I would get back what I put into social security, and it looks like that will not happen.

No, I do NOT want this bill to pass. There do need to be some changes, but this bill is pure poison.


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