School Books in Texas

I was reading this article about the school book debate in Texas that has been in the news the last few days. I also read the first few pages of comments.

It really is interesting to watch how two opposing ideologies say almost exactly the same thing about each other.

One commenter said, “Republicans are quick to talk about freedom of speech, but only when it’s the kind of speech they approve of.”

I find this statement seriously ironic considering how the Liberal Left is spending so much energy trying to control talk radio, with the goal of shutting up conservative commentary. And they are also trying to dominate the mainstream media; and our educational system. Why? To infiltrate their ideas into our kids’ minds. So you get a whole lot of hoopla when conservatives do the same thing! When the shoe is on the other foot, they don’t like it so much.

The liberals make a big thing about ‘tolerance’; but their tolerance only extends to those who believe as they do. What a great joke! The joke is, they don’t see the irony.

Let me clue you in to something: NOBODY is tolerant of those who do not believe as they do. It is part of human nature. We may, sometimes and with effort, make a conscious effort and not raise our voices against those who believe differently – but generally, and in most places, not one of us puts the concept of tolerance above our own beliefs.

Because we all think we’re right.

Because to be tolerant of opposing views indicates approval of them.

Just as an example, let’s take abortion. To me, that is baby-murder. That is taking a perfectly healthy baby and making him or her die. How can I possibly ‘tolerate’ the view others have that this is acceptable? The truth is, people that believe that way will not be any friend of mine. They don’t share my moral outrage at this murder of innocents.

For some topics, there is no happy middle ground.

The entire liberal concept of ‘tolerance’ is hogwash. I don’t have to be tolerant of those who believe differently than me; and I’m not. I do NOT have to embrace your ideas. Here in America, we are still (so far) allowed to think what we want to think and believe what we want to believe.

The present tension has arisen because the Liberals want to change that. They want to indoctrinate our kids to believe like they do, and make them good little drones. They push so much propaganda through the main stream media that I no longer watch any news program but Fox, because it is so bleeding obvious the MSM are lying and omitting the facts when it suits them.

Maybe it is tolerance that I believe you have the right to believe what you want. If that is tolerance, I do have that. But your right to your viewpoint stops at the point where you try to inflict it on my grandkids. If you want to try to convince an adult, that’s fine, have at it. One of the great triumphs in my life is that I taught my adult children to think for themselves – I’m not concerned about them. But if you try to indoctrinate a child, who hasn’t learned any mental defenses, that is where I draw the line; because the children have no defense against propaganda except the guidance of their parents.

And that is why the text books are important.

Questions for Liberals:

Where is your ’tolerance’ of my Christian beliefs and religion? Not much of that out there, is there?

Where is your ’tolerance’ of my belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that other arrangements are wrong?

Where is your ‘tolerance’ for my Second Amendment rights? Why can you not be ‘tolerant’ of my belief that guns are good for me to own and know how to use?

How about your ’tolerance’ for my belief that a small government that maximizes freedom is better than a big, dominant, invasive government?

I don’t think the proof is in on global warming. Where is your ‘tolerance’ of my desire to open up drilling our own resources, so we can quit importing oil and so we can hire MANY thousands of people?

In fact, where the hell is your ‘tolerance’ for ANYTHING that is contrary to what YOU believe?

See, in the end – you’re just like me. No tolerance at all. And that is indeed funny.


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