Obama and Jobs

It seems that Obama has declared that the previously approved and planned offshore drilling for oil will not be allowed while he is president.

Here we are with the highest unemployment rate since the great depression, huge deficits, major financial problems, and Obama is going to stop us from drilling for our own resources.

He would rather we keep sending billions overseas to buy oil – which we burn the same as if we drilled it here – and we lose the two-fold boost drilling would give our economy. Two fold because, first, we’d quit sending so much money overseas; second, a great many thousands of jobs would open up.

All because Obama has an ideological bias against oil.

NOTICE that we will burn the oil anyhow! Obama cannot justify this on ecological terms, because we will burn the oil anyway. We just pay for it instead of digging it up. This is the absolute pinnacle of stupidity.

I’ve been against Obama since before he was elected, for various reasons, but this one issue would do it for me. This guy doesn’t care how many U.S. citizens suffer because of his ideological obsessions. We need jobs, and we need to cut spending. Now. And drilling would greatly help in both of these areas. Obama’s policy on this subject directly costs many thousands of American jobs and radically increases our deficit spending.

The country may not survive another three years of Obama’s ideological agenda.

Truthfully, I’m beginning to wonder if that is not what he intends? After all, he consistently promotes actions that will clearly hurt this country. The most radical increase in spending the world has ever seen. Taxation increases and law changes that stymie hiring. Trying for a health care industry federal takeover (17% of the economy) that we can’t afford and which won’t help. Refusing to take obvious actions that would immediately produce more jobs and reduce deficit spending, such as drilling for our own resources instead of purchasing them from overseas.

A person with power who hurts you is not your friend. Obama is hurting all of us.

This guy is NOT on our side!


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