Where’s Your Sense of Adventure?

That’s the caption on a cartoon I saw a long time ago. Two ladies driving down the road, discussing whether to pick up a one-armed hitch-hiker holding an axe; one of them says to the other, “Oh come on, where’s your sense of adventure?”

In our culture, safety is way over-rated. Life is inherently dangerous – you aren’t getting out of it alive. Those who want to pad every hard surface, and round off every square corner are trying to go against the natural way of the universe. This is also the fear being exploited by those selling health care reform. Sure, insurance is good to have, and medical care is good, too; but realize that for 99.9% of human history, both of these were non-existent. We made it this far without them – why wet our pants over this, now?

Likewise, suing the manufacturer because you were stupid enough to put your foot under the lawn-mower deck is placing blame in the wrong place. God gave you a brain, and you are supposed to be smart enough to recognize common dangers.

I was prompted to write this because a blogger elsewhere commented on how unsafe guns are. Personally, I almost always have a gun with me. Yes, it is true there is some small risk in carrying a gun, but the risk is not because of the gun – it is a measure of my own competence. I judge the risk of needing to defend myself against my fellow man is greater than the risk that I will make a serious mistake with one of my guns. And statistics back me up on this.

Either way, you see, life has risks. Life is a process of evaluating risks and choosing wisely. And even if you choose wisely, sometimes things just go wrong. Get over it!

Plan ahead when you can, but proceed into the future without fear; exercise common sense and you won’t need all the padding the nanny state wants to impose.

Where’s your sense of adventure?


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