We Hired These People

We hired these Congressmen and women to represent us, and to do our will. But far too many of them have the ‘ruling’ mindset. They think that they were elected to rule over the people.

That is not the true case at all. The only reason there are congressmen and senators at all is that when our form of government was created, the communication times to the capitol were too long for the people to have time to get our intent expressed in the government in a reasonable amount of time. So it was necessary to appoint ‘representatives’ to represent the people, and ‘senators’ to represent the states, who went to Washington to be on the spot. These people often had to make decisions without constituent feedback, and so they got into the habit of making unilateral decisions.

For that matter, the same communication lag back then is also the reason there is an electoral college in elections. Voting on a simple majority of the population was not a practical thing to do back then. If we were building this government from scratch today, we might not even have a house and senate. It is now practical to get citizen feedback very quickly via the internet.

Far too many of these congressmen and women are now totally ignoring the wishes of the electorate.

We need to remind the congress-critters (and the President) that they work for us, and not the other way around.

No health care reform by this administration, which states they are after health care, when in fact they are after power.

No cap and tax bill. Period. Ever. It’s nothing but a naked power grab and has nothing to do with the environment.

I’d be most happy if this entire administration would just take a three year timeout. If they did, at least they wouldn’t do any harm, which they are presently hell-bent on doing.


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