Warped Reality

Have you noticed how Obama seems to think he can make things so, just by saying them?

For instance, he recently did a ‘hard turn’ to making jobs his highest priority – he said.

What’s he been talking about ever since then? Ramming his health care agenda down our throats, despite the fact that a large majority of the citizens of the U.S. have made it clear that it is not wanted.

Yet he’ll tell the cameras that his highest priority right now is jobs.

Obama actually thinks that we are too stupid to notice what he is doing.

This meeting he has called with the Republicans is happening only because Obama thinks he can bend reality again. He hopes to achieve one of two things: Either the appearance of being bipartisan, or to make it look like the Republicans are simply the party of ‘no’.

Maybe the Republicans are in fact the party of ‘no’ – which puts them right on board with around 70% of the population, where this bill is concerned.

The democrats do not understand that all the crap in this bill has poisoned it in the eyes of the public. The issue of paying for abortions; the idea of state control of health care; the fantastic (and hidden) costs involved; all the special deals that give advantage to specific groups that the Democrats like, or votes that had to be purchased. After all this, most of the public wouldn’t trust a health bill introduced by the Democrats under any circumstances.


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