Myths of Upper Management

Upper Management, in the U.S., is setting policy based on some wrong information:

Global Warming: They are still making policy assuming the earth is warming, and that the warming is due to the side effects of human activity. The reality is that, at the moment, the earth is and has been cooling for the last decade or so, in spite of any hypothetical human influence. The science is so bad in this area that they don’t even know which way the long term trend is heading. Except for one thing: long term ice core studies show that we are near the end of an interglacial period; based on this one fact, if I was a betting man, I’d bet the global temperatures will continue to fall. It is even possible that human activity has delayed this to some extent. If so, we’d be pretty stupid to stop what we’re already doing.

Foreign Affairs: Obama seems to think that he can make nations like each other by the force of his personality, or something. And he thinks he can make them like us by apologizing. Maybe they will ‘like’ us more if we apologize, but they darned sure won’t respect us more for it. In this area Obama has failed at every turn. And one other thing: the U.S. is NOT Europe, and we don’t want to be. Obama clearly wants to europeanize the U.S. for idealogical reasons. This would NOT be an improvement, so far as I can see.

Health Care: Obama and the Democrats seem to think they have a mandate to ‘fix health care’. Well, maybe they do. But they don’t have a mandate to make it a wing of the government, or to wreck our economy to do it, or to buy into a package that was bought with bribes to get the votes. I don’t like the Democrat’s approach to this problem. It needs fixing, but they are WAY off course here.

Economy: Obama and the Democrats are pushing Socialism. I don’t care what they call it or whether they admit that it is socialism; if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks – it’s probably a duck. What they are trying to do is move to socialism. I don’t have to like it – and I don’t.

Government Structure: Obama and the Democrats are pushing Statism. They believe in big government control of everything. I don’t like this because as the government grows, personal freedom decreases; economically, the government is parasitic on the people, depending on us for it’s income; the bigger it gets, the more we pay, and the more intrusive it is. Simple as that. Again, I don’t have to like it – and I don’t.

For all these reasons, and quite a few more that are less important, I hope the Democrats remain tied in knots and are unable to function. The less legislation this administration passes, the better off our country will be.


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  1. MTR says:

    Your last section on Government Structure answers all the other questions. It’s all about POWER and not one iota about the people. This is essentially the definition of Marxism.

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