It’s Still Alive

Liberals don’t respect the rest of us. They think they know what is better for us than we do. And this administration is packed full of left-wing liberals.

The fact that they are still trying to push through their health care plan, in spite of the unmistakable wishes of the people – proves it.

So many of the provisions they have tried to pass have an agenda other than health care. What they want is total government control in a single-payor system. The bill they are pushing is as close to that as they think they can get away with.

I personally am strongly against any health care bill that:

  • Gives government control of my health care, which is none of their business.
  • Gives the government control of around 1/7 of the entire economy of the U.S.
  • Includes a ‘public option’ which would ultimately result in the end of private health insurance, through financial and market pressure. Not that I’m happy with them, but it would eliminate choice.
  • Pays for elective abortions. Elective abortion is, in my view, a form of murder, and forcing me to help pay for it for other people is deeply offensive.
  • Includes any ‘deal’ that gives any group (labor unions, particular states) any special privilege, immunity or discount. Any federal law should apply uniformly across the nation.

Not that health care doesn’t need fixing. But these people are pushing that liberal agenda, and their actual goal is control, not helping me get health care. If the government controls health care, it’s a short step to telling me how many cups of coffee I can have in the morning, or that I am not allowed to own a gun because ‘it’s not safe’. And if you don’t think that’s the way they are heading, you are asleep at the wheel.

“We’re doing it for your own good!“ is one of the most tyrannical philosophies a government can embrace.


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