A Record 2.15 Million Employees

The federal government claims this year the payroll will be 2.15 million employees – the most it has ever been. That is 2.15 million people whose salaries, benefits, travel, office space & supplies and graft is ALL paid for by tax payers.

How many of those people do we actually need?

How about Obama’s spending freeze? Note that it came on the heels of an abnormally large increase in funding for the government. In effect, he gave them a raise equivalent to 7 or 8 years worth of normal raises (in a year when there was no raise in Social Security payments), precisely so he could declare a spending freeze without having any real effect on spending.

The federal government is the only part of the economy that is consistently growing, but it is growing on credit. The President’s budget proposal is the largest ever seen at $3.8 trillion. He is increasing the national debt at a rate far exceeding anything in history, including Bush’s administration. Obama whines about the deficit and national debt left by Bush, but then he makes it MUCH WORSE. A full 35% of the operating costs of our federal government are not funded. That money is borrowed from other countries. (That statistic is quoted from the O’Reilly Factor last night – you may not like him, but he tells the truth).


What happens when we reach the point where the interest on the national debt is more than can be paid for by taxes? Think about this – no money left over to pay against the principal; not enough money to operate on. You think we have economic problems now? Just wait.

It’s not that far off, either.

We MUST stop Obama and the other Democrats insane spending. They WILL destroy this country if they keep it up.


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