The Hockey Stick Story

There was a certain Hockey Stick that had a job working for the global warming mob, as part of a graph describing an imaginary radical increase in global warming. He thought he was secure in his job – he had it made! (Look up “hockey stick graph” on google images.) And Hockey Stick was Happy.

THEN, the truth came out, and it turned out that the data he represented was fabricated, and there really wasn’t any man-made global warming. After several months of histrionics, as the fraudulent perpetrators scurried away from the light, business was bad for global warming. Barely avoiding a jail term, poor Hockey Stick was laid off from his job, just like many, many other Americans.

Hockey Stick was out of work for a couple of months, and he was desperate. But then, he found a great new job! See, he had insider connections with President Obama, through common friends in the global warming mob, like Al Gorithm. Obama, never missing a chance to install one of his shady friends in a government job, gave Hockey Stick a job as Czar of Graphs.

And Hockey Stick is happy again. His lucrative new job is showing the radical increase in spending in Obama’s new $3.8 trillion dollar budget. The biggest budget EVER for the U.S. federal budget.

He’s really hoping that Nancy Pelosi will take him along on some of her $18,000 per hour airplane trips, so he can get smashed with some of the $100,000 worth of booze she’s provided for her passengers over the last couple of years. Hockey Stick figures if she can let her kids and grandkids fly military at taxpayer expense, even when she’s not along, maybe she will let him go along, too! What a Ride! Over $2,100,000 in expenses in only two years, all paid for by the chumps tax-payers!

Hockey Stick really appreciates Obama and all the Democrats. He noticed the Democrats have controlled the congress for three years now; most of his data is from this time period, and the Democrats are responsible for providing him with work to do.

Hockey Stick figures he will be secure in this new, cushy job for at least three more years…


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