Stop Pelosi

Pelosi is not only spending money like water on booze for her personal military transportation between DC and California, she’s also been using the military to shuttle her kids and grandkids back and forth – even when there were no U.S. representatives on board.

Article 1: Over $100,000 worth of booze, flights costing the tax payers $2.1 million for just two years of her travel back and forth.

Article 2: The Air Force is babysitting her kids and grandkids at $18,000 per hour.

This is intolerable and insufferable anytime, but especially with the economy as it is currently. Pelosi must think she is some kind of queen, rather than the employee of the people she actually is.

Entitlements for the privileged few, while nearly 17% of us are out of work…


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2 Responses to Stop Pelosi

  1. The only way to stop her, and others like her, is to vote them out of office.

    • popgun says:

      Yeah, but we also need some sort of cap on what they are allowed to spend. Otherwise, whoever is next will just do the same thing, unless they happen to be more moral.


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