Natural Climate Fluctuation

Please review this graph. It is global temperatures for the last 415,000 years, based on ice core samples. I might mention it does not appear to have been ‘retouched’ by Al Gore’s pet “scientists“. You can tell by the lack of a ‘hockey stick’ at the far right…

You will observe that, on average, Earth is much colder than it is today. You will also notice that there are six red areas on the graph which show periods when the global temperature was warmer than it is today. These are called ‘interglacial periods’. The green areas are periods with colder temperatures – ice ages.

Judging by the average time-wise length of interglacial periods, and judging by the length of time we’ve already been in the current interglacial period, I would say that it is much more likely that we should be worrying about falling temperatures rather than rising temperatures. All of our history is contained within the current interglacial period. Now it looks like we are due to go back into a glacial period. Whether you are a ‘believer’ in man-made global warming or not, this chart shows the normal temperature cycle for this planet.

It is due to get colder, not warmer; it’s NOT man-made; and we can’t do a thing about it, except to get braced. We don’t know how long it takes for the temperature to drop significantly, but it has been dropping for the last eleven years, by direct measurement.

The current trend is downward; and as the chart above shows, it is due to start downward, based on historical data. Whether we are actually at that point or not is not known at this point; but it is coming someday, even if it hasn’t already started.

Interesting facts that Al Gore and Obama don’t want you to know…


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