Obama – “Clings” – to his Agenda

Well, after watching the State of the Union address last night, there’s really only one conclusion I can make: Obama still isn’t listening to we, the people. He is having a major reality disconnect.

Obama is instituting some measures that will probably have a positive impact on jobs. I do wonder why he didn’t do these things a year ago, or even six months ago, when it became clear his policies were failing. There have been a great many people who have lost their jobs while he was off playing golf and pursuing his big government health care take-over.

Why is he instituting these changes now? Obviously, the elections in November… He is timing certain things to advance his political agenda.

His socialist agenda remains unchanged. He wants government takeover of pretty much everything, including health care and energy, and he’s looking for money anywhere he can find it.

His ‘spending freeze’ is bogus, in the sense that in 2009 he increased the budgets of most departments in the federal government by 15 or 20% BEFORE some of them got TARP money. And his freeze doesn’t kick in until 2011.

He’s still blaming Bush for all his problems, even though he has radically accelerated spending. He needs to quit blaming Bush. Obama signed up for this job, and all he does is whine about how big a job it is. He knew going in what he had to deal with. He’d come across a lot better if he quit the whining.

He did mention nuclear power plants and offshore drilling; and I’ll believe it when I see the work commence. From his history (see C-Span), you can see how he ALWAYS keeps his word… (heavy sarcasm here).

Dissing the Supreme Court to their faces is not allowed. That is one branch of government trying to intimidate another branch of government. The supreme court is supposed to rule based on what the Constitution says, not how Obama wants it interpreted.

Obama lied about lobbyists, again. He’s in bed with them up to his eyeballs; has a bunch of them in his advisors and cabinet, too.

He again accused the Republicans of being the party of “NO”. However, it should be pointed out that NO is the correct answer when you see somebody about to drive your country off a cliff into the sea of socialism.

I did not like Obama’s agenda before, and he hasn’t changed it.

Addendum 01/28/2010 at 9:48 AM: Here’s an article on Hot Air by Ed Morrissey, listing some of the lies and misdirections in Obama’s speech. Regarding blaming Bush for the deficit, Morrissey also points out:

Congress passes budgets, not the President, and the last three budgets came from Democrats. In three years, they increased annual federal spending by $900 billion, while the admittedly profligate and irresponsible Republican Congresses under George Bush increased annual federal spending by $800 billion — in six years.

So, the Republicans raised federal spending by an average of $133.3 billion per year; while Democrats have increased spending by an average of $300.0 billion per year. This really highlights the Democratic spending spree.

That ain’t Bush’s fault, Bucko, no matter how you whine. You Democrats found a grass fire and are throwing gasoline on it with abandon, even while screaming about the need to put it out. The correct solution when you are in a hole is to quit digging.

Obama seems to be the master of “I say it is so, therefore it must be so” school of politics. He keeps trying to rewrite history.


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