Civilian Trials for Terrorists

Michelle Malkin has a very good article showing what happens as a result of Obama and Eric Holder giving terrorists the same legal rights as citizens. The article discusses a terror trial that is happening now.

This administration’s decision to try terrorists in civilian court is just plain stupid. It gives the terrorist a forum to speak; and a way to game the system to raise the costs of responding to them. The terrorists would kill us all if they could. Since they haven’t figured out a way to do that, they are trying to cost us as much money as they can. At this, they are succeeding. It is estimated that the trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other men will cost $200 million per year in security costs alone. That doesn’t include the legal costs.

All this money, to give a “fair trial” to men we know are guilty. For liberal ideological reasons.

This is akin to the military idea of using a cheap missile to sink an expensive boat. My $1,000,000 missile will sink your $3 billion dollar aircraft carrier! If they sink one, they win. We are facing an economic war. The current federal deficits began under George W. Bush’s presidency – to defend us against terrorism (at which he was successful). Do you think the terrorists haven’t considered the financial damage as a major component of the war? It may be the largest component of their strategy.

The terrorists are using the ideology of Obama and Eric Holder against them. This administration has allowed terrorists to pick the ground on which to fight.

The correct solution is a military tribunal, and the tribunal should only verify one fact – is this person a terrorist? If the answer is yes, hang the sap-sucker. No fuss, no muss, save a lot of money, time and hassle.


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