They Are In Denial

From various comments made by Obama and others in his administration, it sounds as if they still haven’t gotten the message sent by the recent victories by Republicans in several venues, including Brown, new Senator-elect of Massachusetts. In the current vernacular, they just don’t “get it”.

The entire liberal left has interpreted the entire tea-party movement as a small group of right-wing ideologues, rather than the true grass-roots movement they are. Various polls demonstrate the reality. We, the people, don’t like Obama’s radical-left socialist approach, nor do we like his apologetic, “The U.S. is nothing special” approach to foreign relations.

I get the sense that Obama just can’t believe that the citizens of the U.S. reject his plans.

Instead, he thinks he hasn’t explained them well enough. He thinks we are all too blooming stupid to understand the glory of his vision.

Some people are unbelievably dense, when confronted with evidence that contradicts long-cherished beliefs. It begins to appear that Obama is just such a fanatic.

This weeks State of the Union address is going to be interesting. We’ll see if Obama has developed any understanding of what the people want.


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