Health Care Postmortem

It’s not absolutely certain yet, but I think it’s probable that the Democrat’s Health Care bill is dead. Thank God!

Thinking about it all, what was this all about anyway? Why are the Democrats so hell-bent on passing this particular health care bill right now anyway?

It’s not about quality of health care. We’ve got the best health care in the world already.

It’s not about who gets covered. Anybody without coverage can walk into a hospital right now and get treated whether they have insurance or not. Granted this isn’t the best solution, but it is what happens.

It’s not about saving money. The Democratic proposal, if passed, was going to put us around 1.5 trillion dollars deeper in debt.

So why?

It is about power. The statist, liberal, left-wing democrats want big government control over every aspect of our lives. Giving the government direct control over health care would do this big-time. Not to mention also gaining control of around 1/7 of the economy of the United States.

Since I truly don’t want to give the government control on this level, I absolutely hope I am correct that this bill is now dead.

Now we need to watch out for Cap and Trade, which is the next big threat the Democrats will try to pass.


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2 Responses to Health Care Postmortem

  1. It’s about power for the elites and control over the rest of us peons. If the progressive liberals cannot achieve this, I think they will try to destroy this country.

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