Who Pays for Everything?

A great many people who are in favor of this “health care reform bill“ are under the impression that they are going to get free or cheap health care.

One problem (of many) with this health care reform bill is that the government is going to be involved.

Back about 100 years ago, if you needed medical care, you went to your doctor. He did what he could, and you paid him. This situation resulted in the lowest possible cost for health care. You did not go to the doctor unless you really needed to, so there was no waste. And nobody snatched a piece of the pie as it left your hand and went to the doctor’s hand.

Then, somebody invented insurance. Insurance had the benefit of protecting you from unexpected large expenses for medical care, but you paid monthly for the privilege. This was desirable, but the money has to come from somewhere – mostly your premiums. Health care costs overall went up, because you are now paying the salaries and profit of the insurance company, in addition to the doctor’s fee.

Add to that the cost of new medical technology and treatments. And the doctor’s malpractice insurance due to lack of protection from frivolous lawsuits.

That’s where we are now.

If this bill passes, there will be a new player. The federal government will be deeply involved. The salaries of the thousands of government employees, as well as all operating costs of that vast bureaucracy, will be added to the fundamental cost of health care.

PLUS the addition of the cost of coverage for many thousands of people not currently covered.

If you think this is going to be less expensive, you’ve lost your mind. It’s true that the government may juggle numbers to give you lower cost premiums, but if they do, you will pay more – substantially more – in other ways. Such as increased direct and indirect taxes.

Not even mentioning the detrimental effect the government will have, getting involved in the medical care itself.

If it passes, this bill is going to generate it’s own catastrophe.


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