Allegedly, I Wrote This Blog Entry

Have you noticed how the alleged reporters allegedly use the word ‘alleged’ so much that it is (allegedly) ridiculous?

I was noticing over on Bayou Renaissance Man’s blog a photo of a car that fell through the ice on a canal over in England. The text (from his source) said that the miscreants ‘allegedly’ drove the car out onto the ice… Is that stupid, or what? You have a photo. The car is on (well, through) the ice. You can SEE the tracks the car made on the ice. I think it is safe to assume that someone drove it to that location.

Same with the underwear bomber on Christmas. They caught the guy with explosives in his pants and put the fire out. They took his underwear as evidence. They have video. Yet everyone involved keeps calling him the ‘alleged’ terrorist bomber.

I think we need a new law that says that when you catch someone in the act, you are allowed to assign guilt, and the act itself is not ‘alleged’.

This politically correct crap is, allegedly, crap.


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