I’m Not a Conspiracy Theorist

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, believe me. But this is a bit spooky, and you can check it yourself. I found out about it on Fox News, here.

Go to Google. If you type a search term in the search bar, followed by a space, by default you will get a drop-down list of searches supposedly done by other people, relevant to your search.

Type in each of these, followed by a space, and notice the contents of the drop-down list:

Islam is

  • no result at all

Christianity is

  • bull$hit
  • not a religion
  • a lie
  • false
  • a cult
  • wrong
  • fake
  • dying
  • Jewish

Islam will

  • dominate the world
  • rule the world
  • take over the world
  • be destroyed
  • end
  • destroy europe
  • dominate
  • of god
  • conquer the world
  • die

Christianity will

  • end it will disappear
  • end

Of course, Google is now aware that this information is out. If you don’t get the same results, they may have corrected it.

The results are clearly being manipulated, for reasons unknown. My trust in Google as being impartial in the information it provides has just taken a big dive. There aren’t all that many different major search engines that are both convenient and comprehensive. Now I’m wondering if it’s only Google that distorts results.

Something Ain’t Right.


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