The Popgun Plan

Worth repeating: America Rising – an Open Letter to Democrat Politicians.

Following is what I would do if it was up to me:

The Popgun Plan

  1. Table health care reform. Whatever else may be true, it is not essential right this minute, and will (regardless of what they are telling us) cost a lot of money out of our pockets, if allowed to go forward. If anything at all really needs to be done on this subject, it can be done after we take care of bigger problems.
  2. Cancel the Cap and Trade Bill – it is meaningless in the light of the fraudulent global warming science, and no longer has a purpose. Like the health care reform, it would cost us a lot of money out of our pockets. Also like the health care reform, there is no particular reason this has to happen right this minute.
  3. Reign in the EPA, which wants to do the same thing as Cap and Trade through federal mandate.
  4. Open up drilling for oil and gas in the continental U.S., it’s possessions and it’s shorelines – everywhere we can reach. This would, within a couple of years, open up many thousands if not millions of jobs, both directly and indirectly; decrease or eliminate buying oil from overseas; and is the biggest single act we can take to help the economy. Creating millions of jobs at the same time as stopping spending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas makes perfect sense.
  5. Eliminate federal aid to any corporate entity. If business entities of any sort are not capable of being run at a profit, let them fail. Protecting businesses or individuals from financial failure is not the business of the government.
  6. If people cannot pay their mortgage, evict them and resell the home to somebody who can make the payments. Perhaps one of those oil workers. Eventually the market will stabilize at the point where responsibility equals commitment.
  7. Eliminate all non-mandatory federal agencies and employees. The litmus test is whether the function they serve is necessary for the government to function. Let the deadwood get honest jobs in the private sector.
  8. Implement the Fair Tax. Pay for everything federal with this one tax. Eliminate ALL OTHER TAXES and make it illegal for the federal government to establish any new taxes. This makes it easier for citizens to see what the government is doing, and makes it easier to set the rates for the Fair Tax each year: income must equal expenditures of the previous year. This also eliminates the government using taxes to coerce the public into desired behavior (such as taxes on cigarettes, etc.).
  9. Implement the fair tax, in the same way, at the state level.
  10. Set term limits on senators and congressmen. Maximum two terms, period.
  11. Remove the ability of the legislature to set their own benefits and pay. A fair method needs to be invented to administer this.
  12. Make it illegal for any bill to be passed without being read aloud on the floor of the house and senate. For any law to be passed, make it so that every senator and representative must sign an affidavit that they have read the bill in it’s entirety. This will ensure that the lawmakers know what they are voting on – and it will act to bring brevity to the bills.
  13. Make earmarks illegal.
  14. Make all bills apply equally to all states, with no special provisions. This will eliminate situations like “the louisiana purchase” with Landrieu and Ben Nelson selling his vote to Harry Reed for $100 million in terms of Medicaid funding for his state. There were at least fifteen similar bribes. It will also ensure even-handedness in how bills are administered.
  15. Do what it takes to establish an impenetrable border. Yes, it’s a big job. People that want to come here should find a legal way to do it. Starting off by violating our immigration laws is not O.K. with me.

These are steps I would take immediately, had I the ability to do so.

One other thing I would do: make it legal everywhere in the U.S. to own and carry guns, concealed or open carry, by any citizen that is not a felon. I would also work to make sure that there are no limitations on type of weapon or ammunition. And I would eliminate all gun-free zones, even in airports and on planes. No terrorist would try to hijack a plane if half the people on the plane were carrying. It has been shown that almost all crimes in which more than three people were killed happened in gun-free zones.

If I have time, I’ll work out my international diplomacy plan later. It will not include alienating our friends and bowing and hugging our enemies.


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