Terrorist Strategy

This administration is prosecuting three Navy Seals for giving a terrorist a fat lip, for crying out loud. If they had shot the terrorist dead, there wouldn’t have been a problem! But they let him live, where he could do more damage to our military’s morale and cost us resources in legal expenses.

Yet this administration has refused to prosecute two Black Panther terrorists who were intimidating voters at a polling place; clearly and unequivocally an illegal act, complete with deadly weapon, all of which was caught on video. This administration has refused to explain why this has not been prosecuted. What’s going on here?

Now we’ve got this Christmas Airplane Bomber who, again at the direction of this administration, is being tried in civilian court.

The terrorists have discovered that even if they fail in their attempt at terrorism, our over-reaction will cost us huge amounts of money and resources in terms of our reaction. Think about all the money spent in terms of legal fees, news coverage, increased airport security, and just plain aggravation caused by this Christmas plane bomber – who failed in his mission, but is still costing us lots of resources.

I read somewhere that one of the philosophies behind the .556 round for the M16 carbine is that you don’t necessarily want to kill your enemy – if you only wound him, it uses up more of your enemy’s resources to take care of the wounded man.

For the terrorists, this is a win-win situation. If they manage to blow up a plane, that’s a win for them. But if they don’t, we go into a media frenzy, tighten security, delay flights, make people late, try the attempted bomber in civilian court – providing him with a lawyer, no doubt – all at great expense to the taxpayer. A win for the terrorists. No matter what the terrorists do, it will hurt us to some extent.

Wise up, Obama. This civilian court for terrorists thing is blowing up in your face. Prosecuting Navy Seals for doing their jobs is blowing up in your face, and so is NOT prosecuting Black Panthers who were clearly violating the law.

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