Christmas Bomber

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that the Obama administration is prosecuting the Christmas airplane bomber in civilian court.

First off, the bomber quit talking when he got a lawyer. After admitting that there were others that were going to do other attacks against the U.S. I hope none of my kinfolk are on the plane when the next attack succeeds, because we didn’t get the information to prevent the next attack.

This administration is so hot to give U.S. constitutional protections to terrorists that they are endangering our citizens unnecessarily. Obama thinks he is making some kind of political hay because of this. Instead, he is emboldening a great many terrorists who now think they will get off with no worse than a jail sentence for killing hundreds of Americans. And our jails are nice places to be for these people – because we give our prisoners certain comforts and rights.

Now, they are talking about plea-bargaining with this terrorist. Are they freaking insane??

We are witnessing an incredible politically inspired miscarriage of justice. Obama and Eric Holder think that somehow this makes us look better to the world. Instead it makes us look like idiots who don’t know how to act in our own self interest.

No terrorist should be tried in the public judicial system.

No terrorist should be accorded the rights of a U.S. citizen. They are trying to destroy our system – why should they be extended the benefits it provides?

No terrorist should be accorded the rights provided by the Geneva Convention – which apply only, and specifically, to military men in uniform.

In point of fact, no murdering terrorist should have any rights at all. They want us dead. They certainly do not give any ‘rights’ to their victims.

What about the rights of U.S. citizens and our soldiers?

The Obama administration is WRONG. Again. And again.

Wake up, Obama! This is NOT a civilian crime issue. This is a war.


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