Manmade Global Warming Hypothesis – Discredited

Here is an excellent article, “German Physicists Trash Global Warming Theory“. It is a detailed synopsis of the original paper here.

It lays out how the models used by global warming believers are not only bad science, but actually violate the laws of physics. Manmade global warming has been debunked and discredited.

(Inserted 01/02/2010) One of the defenses the global warming believers prat about is that it is supposedly “peer reviewed science”. Well, in this case, the “peer reviewed science” – wasn’t. Here’s the article over at Power Line. (End insertion).

It is essential that we stop government policy, EPA mandates, and the Cap and Trade bill, all of which are greatly detrimental to our economic health and are now shown to be based on fraudulent science and just plain bad science.

The fact that we have come so close to inflicting this huge amount of pain on ourselves on the basis of lies and incorrect science is itself frightening. Our upper management is incompetent and / or using this entire issue as a means of establishing ever greater control of the population, by gaining more economic and legal control of us.

The liberals don’t care about the science – and they don’t care about the realities of health care, either. Both of these issues are attempts to grab more and tighter control of the citizenry.

They know an actual military takeover of the U.S. is not likely to succeed – so they are doing it a bit at a time, from within. The time to stop this drift towards greater government control and socialism is right now, this year, 2010.

Vote the scoundrels out – while we still can!


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