This administration is clueless, but they are getting educated, slowly.

We have two terrorist attacks on (or over) U.S. soil on Obama’s watch. Obama’s reaction on the Fort Hood massacre was (paraphrased) “Well, we don’t really know it was a terrorist attack – Nidal Hasan could have been just having a bad day”.

This from the President who doesn’t want to call it a “War on Terror”, but rather “Overseas Contingency Operation”. Note to Obama: our enemies are not stupid. Calling a chicken a duck does not make it into one.

This airline bomb plot failed only because the bomb failed to go off. It did not fail because of anything the Obama administration did. This plot was planned by Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Just a coincidence that (Fort Hood) Hasan’s imam got killed along with about 30 other Al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen, a few days ago.

Obama has been lulled by the fact that George Bush’s anti-terrorism strategy worked. Obama thought it was over because no attacks had succeeded on American soil since 9/11 took us unawares. Obama took his eye off the ball, big time. (Yes, I know all you liberals hate Bush, believing your own brainwashing media campaign – but even you have to recognize that he succeeded in protecting the homeland.)

Conflict ends when both parties say it has, and act accordingly. One side cannot unilaterally end a conflict, except by surrendering or winning the conflict. Obama does not seem to understand that these terrorists do not want to negotiate – they want us dead.

Obama doesn’t want to fight anymore. How’s that working out?

Exit question: Are the troops on military bases still required to go unarmed??

If so, it is a failure of the Obama administration. With the flick of a pen, Obama could correct this situation. Right here in East Texas, a CHL carrier has more ability to defend himself then our troops did that day in Fort Hood.


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