To the Liberals

Regarding the impending passage of the health care bill. I did actually think it might fail, but I underestimated the burning need of the elite to bring socialism to the masses. I had hoped that some Democrat with principles in the Senate might vote no; but apparently, there aren’t any Democrats with principles in the Senate. Make no mistake, this bill is NOT about health care – it is all about redistribution of wealth – socialism.

Then there is the abortion issue. This bill (unless it changes again) mandates that every American tax payer will be paying for the murder of babies. I can feel God withdrawing His blessings from this country, like a chill running down my spine… How can a moral nation condone this evil practice?

Obviously, because our nation has become immoral.

Bad enough that you liberals want to murder your babies – it is absolutely the blackest evil of hell that you want to make us Christians become an accessory to the murder of your children. I despise you liberals for even the attempt to make me, a Christian, help you to commit infanticide.

Of course you probably do not understand this frame of mind; because you have no horror of any sin. You do not believe in God and you do not believe you are accountable to anyone for your actions in this life. You apparently balk at nothing.

Without God, wherein is your morality? What is its basis?

Maybe I need to go Galt; if I have no income, you liberals can pay for my medical bills and feed me and my family. And I won’t have to put a cursed dime towards abortion.

I’ll have to give that some thought.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. Slamdunk says:

    Well said. I have been saddened how well the Democrats have been able to guide this legislation through the channels. Lots of folks are talking about the mid-term elections, but the damage of two years will have already been done.

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