I’m Curmudgeoning Again

Topic 1: Iran

We don’t want Iran to have nukes, for several reasons. If they get nukes, every other Islamic nation will get them, too. And here’s the kicker – there is a very real possibility that the concept of MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction – that worked so well with keeping the Soviets from nuking the U.S.; might not work with these religious fanatics.

It is now obvious to everyone except the U.S. State Department that sanctions will not do the job.

The analogy is of a poisonous snake. That snake might not mean me any harm, but when I come in contact with one, I kill it, because it has too much power for it’s own good. I do this, not on equal terms, but with overwhelming force. I’m not interested in being ‘fair’ to the snake – I am very clear that my priority is my own safety.

How about if we just quietly send a message to the Mullahs that says this: “You and your ideology is like a poisonous snake. You are not predictable enough that we can trust you with nukes. The day we are certain that you have nuclear weapons, is the day we pave all of your nuclear facilities in green glass – and you can’t do a single thing about it.”

That might work, if we can convince them we mean it. Nothing less will.

Topic 2: Health Care

Ann Coulter says it so well:

Eighty-five percent of Americans are happy with their health care, but Democrats have a plan to make it worse for more money. As a bonus, national health care will add trillions of dollars to the national debt, and your insurance rates will skyrocket.

Topic 3: Human-Caused Global Warming

For the first time in history, a hoax has been perpetrated on 6.5 billion people by a cabal of ‘scientists’ who perverted science to their ends. We must never again blindly trust what the scientists tell us, unless they have fully disclosed their source data and allowed the rest of us to see how they have reached their conclusions.

Using this hoax to establish federal and world policies is not acceptable, especially as destructive as those policies would be, financially and personally to all of us.

The Cap and Trade bill would be the piracy of all of our citizens. It will double the cost of electricity, and anything that gets shipped will cost much more. To threaten to mandate emission control through the EPA on the basis of this hoax is governance without representation and every American citizen should do everything they can to protest any such abuse of power. If you think we have high unemployment now, see what happens if either of these abuses happen. Do you know how much effect this bill would have on the environment? It is predicted to be less than half a degree in the year 2050.


Any or all of the above situations has the potential to radically change how we live here in the U.S., for the worse. NOTE that NONE of these situations will improve anything – at best, things will stay the same.

OK, I’m done speechifying.


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