Democratic Priorities

The Democrats pass legislation like this, that may promote leaking of military battle plans and intelligence to the enemy, and yet the raw scientific data that they claim supports human-caused global warming is suppressed by NASA and other federal agencies. This is skewed priorities if I’ve ever seen any.

Also, have you noticed the subtle change from the Global Warming bunch? They’ve started calling it Climate Change. Because they don’t know which way the global temperature is going!

I saw a pro-global-warming proponent talking on the O’Reilly show last night. His main argument was that the “peer reviewed science” was not in doubt. I have to point out that the ‘peers’ in question are part of the club that ‘believes’ in man-made global warming. And to beat a point to death, I have yet to see anyone on the news raise this point: If the science supported their views, the climatologists would not have NEEDED to cheat by altering their results! They simply would not have had any reason to dink with the data.

That one fact pretty much settles it for me. They couldn’t prove their point, so they lied.


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