Global Warming: The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated!

Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. Entire nations are in the process of destroying their economies in order to protect the world from ‘global warming’, which is at best unproven.

It’s amazing to watch. The ‘believers’ are in denial of the truth. Al Gore swears the emails were all ten years old, when the latest one was actually about a month ago. Meanwhile, it’s 29 degrees in Dallas and 12 degrees in the panhandle, at this moment.

It’s worth knowing that Al Gore stands to make a boat load of money if the cap and trade bill is passed. If he was really concerned about it, his house wouldn’t consume 20 times the national average of electricity.

The ‘believers’ point at melting glaciers in the North, but they don’t mention the accretion of ice and lower temperatures in Antarctica. There probably is some shifting of temperatures, but the global average is downward.

President Obama needs to shy away from this Copenhagen nonsense and terminate Cap and Trade in light of the new information. Although this is a political failure for him, the flip side is that the economy will probably improve when the threat of Cap and Trade is removed.

And if Congress passes Cap and Trade anyway, or if the EPA starts making similar regulations to bypass Congress, we need to kick every one of them out at the first opportunity, for malfeasance in office.

ADDENDUM: The arrogance of the liberal left – threatening to apply draconian EPA regulations if Cap and Trade isn’t passed. All of this, in the face of the fact that global warming is now known to be a hoax.


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