Incompetence From the Top

Back in March 2009, Obama issued orders to General McChrystal to “defeat the Taliban and secure the population“. 1, 2, 3 And Obama then apparently forgot about it.

The administration had apparently forgotten the content of these orders until a Powerpoint slide show given at the beginning of the second month (Oct. 8) of the three month strategy review. General McCrystal’s recommendations were based on accomplishing these orders. Therefore the disconnect between what McCrystal was trying to do and what the administration thought he was trying to do.

Personally, I would think it would be kind of important, as Commander in Chief, to know what you told your troops to do.

I love this quote from Hot Air:

They told him — in his official orders — to come up with a plan to eliminate the enemy and, dummy that he is, he thought that meant he was supposed to come up with a plan to eliminate the enemy. Then they told him he didn’t have to. Six months later.


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