‘Tolerance’ and Other Buzz Words

It’s interesting to me how so many liberals accuse non-liberals of a lack of tolerance. Thereby showing that they themselves have none.

I do realize that this is a broad brush; it’s possible that not all liberals are like that. But I don’t know any liberals personally, so it’s hard to tell.

From where I see, liberals seem to use labels like ‘intolerant’, ‘racist’, ‘prejudiced’ and other buzz words to denote anyone who doesn’t believe the same way they do. From a recent incident, ‘liar’ and ‘ignorant’ can be added to this list.

Let them call names, if that’s the best they can do. I don’t often see any of them quoting facts and data, and listing their sources.

Am I intolerant? Yep, pretty much. I’m intolerant of people who don’t believe as I do – just as the liberals are. I’m also intolerant of anyone wanting to smoke in my house or drink anywhere on my property. Get over it. The difference is that, unlike liberals, I am not claiming to be tolerant. They do – and they are hypocrites from the word ‘go’, because they are intolerant of everybody else.

You’d be amazed how intolerant I can get when I think some person or group is trying to destroy my country, or warp it into something it was never intended to be. And this is exactly what I think Obama and all his radical associates are trying to do.

Tolerance is when you put up with your dog’s penchant for treats. Tolerance is not a goal to be gained, and ‘tolerant’ is not a title worth achieving – it just means you don’t give a damn.

As always, I call it the way I see it. New information may modify my viewpoint – but I doubt it.


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