Obama Doesn’t Get It

Obama does not seem to understand one fundamental fact:

Wealth is produced by creative people who take raw materials (ultimately) and add value by applying knowledge and skill to create products that other people want.

Government produces nothing. Government does NOT create wealth. Government is, by nature, parasitic on the citizens who actually produce wealth.

Making government bigger does create jobs – but they are button sorters whose salaries are paid for by taxes on citizens who actually do produce wealth. Likewise, government spending creates jobs – but again, they are being paid for by taxes. Jobs that are paid for by tax money are parasitic in nature. Those people do not produce wealth. They consume it.

Here’s the difference:

Because they do not create wealth, government-created jobs are not self-sustaining. If the taxes stopped, the job would go away.

Because they DO create wealth, creative people’s jobs ARE self sustaining. If the taxes stopped, the creative person would not only still have a job, but he would flourish without the taxes!

Through pure logic, therefore, government policies that hamper, restrain, or decrease the ability of creative citizens to produce wealth are counterproductive in terms of creating more jobs and thereby creating more wealth.

More legislation, rules, and taxes cause LESS wealth and FEWER jobs.

Until Obama figures this out (or gets kicked out), our economy is going to continue to be sick.


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