What Are They Up To?

Warning: This article is an opinion piece. Use your own judgement.

What are they up to, really? Obama, Pelosi and Reid, among many others. Far left radicals, all.

I’ve seen a lot of people online asking the question “Why isn’t our government listening to us?”

The answer to that is: they are doing exactly what they intend to do.

They do know and understand the consequences of their policies, and they are proceeding full steam ahead because these things are necessary to achieve their actual goals. They are:

  • Intentionally spending this country into oblivion. Irrevocably.
  • Devaluing the dollar. I haven’t had a raise in a couple of years, but the value of what I take home has fallen around 15% depending on who you ask.
  • Loading every government position they can with far-left, socialist, marxist ideologues (think czars, and others).
  • Increasing the size of government as quickly and as much as they can (admitted outright by Barney Frank).
  • Attempting to give the government control of all health care (17% of the entire economy). (Cato Institute points out the real cost of this is over $6 trillion, in reality).
  • Attempting to pass Cap & Trade – the largest tax increase in history – on the basis of fraudulent science.
  • Nationalizing everything they can get away with. Banks, finance companies, auto manufacturers…
  • Attempting to destroy or minimize the capitalist free market system.
  • Attempting to suppress dissenting opinion (i.e. Fox News and others).
  • Breaking MANY campaign promises, such as – taxation; transparency, review period for bills, no earmarks; MANY others 1, 2. In short, Obama never intended to keep these promises – he lied and deceived to get elected.
  • Prosecuting terrorists in civil court – in NYC of all places.
  • Mirandizing terrorists.
  • Not allowing us to develop our own oil and gas reserves.
  • Extending constitutional protections to non-citizens and terrorists.
  • Attempting to prosecute the CIA for political reasons.
  • Bowing to foreign monarchs. Deferential, apologetic, weak foreign policy. Intentionally reducing our closeness with our best allies, Britain and Israel. Not honoring foreign commitments regarding missile shields, etc.
  • And probably more that don’t come to mind at the moment.

These acts, combined, appear to constitute an attempt to:

  • Destroy the U.S. as an economic powerhouse of the world.
  • Weaken the U.S. militarily.
  • Weaken the U.S. in terms of foreign affairs.

Each of these things is detrimental to the health and well-being of this country.

Therefore, the goals of these people – are detrimental to the health and well being of this country.

What could their ultimate goal be? Rest assured, they do have a goal. A goal they are not making public.

I personally think that this administration constitutes the greatest threat to the United States of America that it has ever faced.


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