We Have a Smart Dog!

We were watching reruns of Frasier last night, and there was a skit in which Martin had heard that you can tell how smart a dog is by throwing a towel on his head. The faster he removes the towel, the smarter he is. Eddie (the dog) of course just sat there with the towel on his head.

I’m here to tell you that (according to the skit) our dog is smarter than a Border Collie (7 seconds) or a Poodle (12 seconds). Our dog Rascal removed the towel in 2 seconds!

So he must be very smart!


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One Response to We Have a Smart Dog!

  1. Texas Grandma says:

    Yes he is smart in some ways and I know I heard him grumble something under his breath while tossing his head around.

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