Global Warming is a Fraud!

The ‘scientists’ have been fraudulently stroking the data to support the global warming hypothesis. In these emails they clearly admit that even they can not find true evidence for global warming. Here’s a link to the Fox News story. And here’s one to John Lott’s article. And here’s another John Lott article with a more detailed breakdown. The climatologists have been distorting the numbers for a very long time.

In point of fact, the last ten years has shown a decline in global temperatures. As mentioned in the emails, and noted elsewhere.

We need to put a stop to the Cap and Trade Bill – NOW. It is the most insane thing I can imagine to wreck our country financially for a stated purpose that does not exist!

Now that this is out in the open, just watch – the Obama and the Democrats will still try to push Cap & Trade through, anyway. If they succeed, it will really hurt this country economically (while lining Al Gore’s pockets), and turn even more of our economy over to control of the government. Which is the real purpose of the bill.

Ask your Senators – what is the Cap and Trade bill for, if global warming is not a risk? And tell them NOT to vote for it.


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