Out of Touch

Obama and his administration is clearly out of touch.

They have ignored the voice of the people on financial policy, blowing off the tea parties as merely a bunch of activists – which, if they had truly looked into it, they would have seen that it is a popular movement that the majority supports.

They have ignored (so far) the backlash against the government take-over of health care. Health care does need reform, but most of us recognize that having the federal government take it over will not be an improvement. Yet the administration still intends to ram it through against the majority.

They have ignored the large majority who do not want the massive increase in taxes that will be brought on if the senate passes the cap and trade bill, which, insanely, tackles global warming ineffectively, at massive cost to every one of us citizens.

They have completely misread the reaction of the public to having our chief of state bowing to foreign monarchs, making a mockery of our own country abroad.

Now they are ignoring the large majority who do not want to give citizen’s rights and privileges to terrorists, and are bringing them to New York City to try them as civilians.

Obama and his administration have ignored the accumulating evidence that their policies are not working, with unemployment MUCH higher than the maximum they projected, and the value of the dollar falling like a rock. Banks are failing right and left, we all fear for our jobs, and the Democrats continue their agenda to enlarge government and tax private industry, and private citizens.

They have ignored our protests against the entire idea of ‘czars’ which bypass legal channels of authority, and many of which sport radical left ideologies.

They ignore our distaste for socialism, statism and marxism. Because they think they know what is best for us. They want us to be good little sheep, whether we like that idea or not.

This is what happens when the media manipulate the emotions of the population to the point that a president is elected on the basis of popularity, and no notice is taken of the history of the individual. Few people took a look at Obama’s history, his associations, his lack of real experience at managing anything. Few people noticed his radical left ideology, which he concealed when possible during the campaign. There were MANY signs that it would go like this; and the mainstream media suppressed this information so that most voters were unaware of just what they were voting for.

The voters wanted change, but they didn’t count on just how much change they were going to get.

I hope to God that the voters are smarter in the next election. We need to examine the record and history of every individual we vote for, so we at least have some idea of what we are getting.


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