Predictions I Made a Year Ago

About a year ago, 10/23/2008, I made a number of predictions about how it would go if Obama was elected. I thought this would be a good time to revisit them, and see how I did.

The predictions I made are below – my current comments are in bold italics.

  1. There will be an increased government bureaucracy ; and increased government spending to go with it. Boy, I nailed this one!
  2. Since that has to be paid for, there will be increased taxation. Yes, on everybody with an income, one way or the other. ALL taxes eventually filter down to the wage-earning citizen. Starting with SCHIP, and more – much more – on the way.
  3. Obama will attempt to implement his medical care program. If he is successful, medical care may become less expensive – but the quality and availability of care will decline over time. (As is the case in Great Britain and Canada). He is certainly trying to implement this – the outcome is too soon to tell.
  4. It will increasingly be a bad environment for business; more taxation = less profit. Look for more business to relocate overseas. There will be more unemployment. Prices of consumer goods will increase as the additional taxation is passed on to customers. All of this is happening right now.
  5. There will be inroads made against free trade agreements with other countries. Imports will cost more. Exports will decline, further damaging our economy. Not sure about this one – the dollar is worth less, so this should be true, but I haven’t followed this closely.
  6. The economy will decline to deep recession levels, at best. (This may happen no matter who wins). Here we are!
  7. Our military will, over time, be defunded and emasculated, in order to shift funding to other (welfare type) programs. Pulling out of Iraq, canceling missile defense systems in various places, cutting funding for fighter planes, shutting down Gitmo, can’t decide whether it’s a good political move to support Afghanistan…
  8. There will likely be new attacks by terrorists both inside and outside the U.S. who think Obama won’t retaliate. There have been several attempts inside the US, and notice the recent major bombings in Iraq and Pakistan.
  9. There will be a general withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. In the works now.
  10. Iran will be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. Iranian influence in the Middle East will increase. In the works. It remains to be seen if Israel will take action independent of the U.S., but it is doubtful we will act to stop Iran.
  11. Drilling for oil in the U.S. will be curtailed, while Obama’s alternate energy “Manhattan Project” will be implemented. As a result, until alternate-energy-powered cars are economically available, you will pay more for gasoline. Lots more. Both ground and air travel will decline over time as it becomes too expensive. Drilling for oil has certainly been curtailed. I still think much higher fuel prices are on the way, but it’s not here yet. I missed on the alternate energy project.
  12. Obama will select liberal judges for the Supreme Court, who are not strict interpreters of the Constitution. The Democratic congress will rubber-stamp them. Fact. See Sotomayor.
  13. Pro-abortion groups will be in their ascendency – laws allowing unlimited abortion will be passed within the limits imposed by the (liberal) Supreme Court. The conservatives are doing their best to keep abortion funding out of the health care reform bill now being debated. It remains to be seen whether they will be successful.
  14. Institution of the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ which will shut down conservative talk radio, and make it harder for any right-wing message to be heard. Hasn’t happened yet. Instead, they are actually trying to do the same thing through administrative rules, bypassing the need to vote on it. To soon to tell if they will succeed.
  15. Every possible obstruction to our Second Amendment gun rights will be implemented. The Second Amendment guarantees that we can own guns. However, there is no such guarantee about cost, quantity, or type. Obama will not protect manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits, and he is in favor of restricting ‘certain types of guns’. Laws will be passed requiring hardware modifications that will make most guns either useless or out of the financial reach of most Americans. So far, I missed this one totally. I’m fairly sure they will get around to it, but it’s not as high on their priority list as I thought.

Potential results – not as likely as above, but possible:

  1. Nationalization of the oil companies (already called for by some Democrats). Not yet. Just major banks and automobile manufacturers.
  2. Suppression of free speech will become more prevalent. Try Googling “Obama’s Truth Squads“. 487,000 hits! Notice the attempts by this administration to muzzle Fox News.
  3. The public school system will become a tool of indoctrination for the political left. (See Obama’s involvement with the Annenberg Challenge – purposed to indoctrinate school children with Bill Ayer’s beliefs!). Lots of little kids being taught songs praising Obama these days…
  4. Total collapse of the economy to depression era levels – or below. Thank God, no. Yet.
  5. Iran will attempt to destroy Israel with it’s new nuclear weapons, due to their belief that we will not retaliate. Not yet.
  6. The end of the United States as a world power. Not yet – although Obama has done so much bowing and apologizing that he is most certainly seen as a weak president, internationally.

All things considered, I did pretty good, I think. Certainly not bad for an aging farm boy.


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